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What is Happiness in 2035?

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How might we be healthy and happy with the emergence of AI and future tech?

The Challenge 

Alpha Health has partnered with RCA Service Design to expand and enrich their vision by exploring problems, envisioning services and prototyping experiences that can help people improve the agency they have upon their lives so they can be healthier and happier.

Our main challenge was to explore and design service visions that can support individuals to achieve greater health, such that they achieve the goals that are important to them, and consequently reduce their likelihood of ill health and the burden that this places on healthcare systems?


The Outcome

We used design to unpack scientific and technological assumptions into human experienceable scenarios in order to discover the sweet spot between what is needed and desirable, technically feasible & commercial viable.

Through a 3 month intensive design research process, we produced a report about the future tech, trends and human-centered insights to enlighten opportunities for the future of happiness.

This report, highlighted 6 themes of happiness that set the foundation for the upcoming year's students to design provocative concepts set 15 years in the future. 

My role

My involvement in the project began during my first year of studies at RCA, working on a brief by Telefonica Alpha on the Future of Happiness and the usage of data from social media to gain a better understanding of ourselves. At the end of the term project, I was hired by the Policy Team at RCA to contribute in the Research phase of the project during Summer 2018. 

I was responsible to design the methodologies and research strategy, conduct the field research in London, design workshops for the Alpha Team in Barcelona and produce the report research along with the team. The outcome of our research, provided the Course's Project Briefs for both Year 1 and  Year 2 students the following year, in which as a graduating student I worked on during the Fall Term. ​

Part of the research, service proposition and final outcomes is under mutual confidentiality agreements. 


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Research Team at Royal College of Art

Telefonica Alpha

Telefonica –the Spanish multinational broadband and telecommunications provider– is committed
to becoming a digital service company by looking for opportunities to leverage their assets on data
and connectivity with the potential of their 350 million clients across 21 countries .

Alpha is Telefonica’s Moonshot Factory – an innovation facility created to build Moonshots:
audacious projects on the edge of what is technically possible that will affect 100s of millions of
people, have a positive societal impact and grow into Billion Euro plus businesses.

‘Telefonica Alpha’ is a moonshot factory that merges big ideas and exponential technology to drive the future. ‘Alpha Health’ is the health team that believes by bringing together cutting-edge knowledge and research on neuroscience, psychology, machine learning, design and business they can create innovative solutions to help people make better personal decisions to achieve the goals that are important to them, impacting their happiness, health and wellbeing and therefore radically reducing the burden of chronic disease globally.

Their approach is to focus on services that supported by the possibilities of AI, can help people discover and understand the levers of their own happiness so to increase the agency they have upon their choices, enabling them to make healthier decisions and therefore live a healthier and happier life.

Future Oriented Research
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Trends Analysis Process
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Analysis Framework 

The framework represents 6 areas of particular interest for the design of new technological products and services, It is a refined Pestle analysis, aiming to expand our current understanding and thinking around specific events (signals) and trends, The framework is being used to illuminate the causes change are well as the applications and implications of these changes.

Having seen our trends through the lenses of our framework, we then tried to illustrate the scale and power of their applications and implications. 

The Outcome

From the above research, we produced a report with 12 clusters, representing the mega-trends, trends and signals that influence them. These clusters, were printed in posters and each signal in a card used as material for the workshops we facilitated with the Alpha team. The purpose of the report and the workshops was to facilitate our world-building exercises in which the future service propositions will live. 

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Human - Oriented Research
Field Research 

Following the production of the Trends Report, we conducted a two-week long research expedition in London aiming to interview people that represent the extremes of the clusters we have in our report. We conducted more than 50 interviews with London Citizens resulting to the creation of our Future Personas. 

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Future Personas
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Using tools like the Future Wheel for multiple combinations of signals, trends and our personas we produced 33 directions/ provocations to be further explored in the prototypes and services propositions.


Example of Future Wheel